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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 19, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> temperatures could go above 90 for the thirds day in a row, but relief is in site. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jan carabeo. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> eyewitness toss a horrifying crash in times square. >> i just saw people flying in the air, like dolls. >> i started running. i was crying, making sure my friends were okay. >> there are about 100 student, staff members, parent, in times square when this accident happened. fortunately none of them were hurt. >> a windshield shattered by a bullet. new this morning, police arrest driver, suspected of shooting at another car. >> facing justice. train engineer, brandon bostian, arraigned on charges in the deadly amtrak
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derailment. >> a mid all of the turmoil, president trump leaves washington today for a multi city overseas trip. meant to bolster relations with muslim and nato allies. >> everything offends me, honestly, noisy eaters, people e a bit late, they're twice as late, i'm furious. >> comedian ricky on the late show. >> there is good news for our weekends if anyone is offended my heat we're having, right, katie? >> not me. >> yes, and anybody that has ever followed or looked into ricky gervais' tweet, know that he's completely sarcastic when he says that he's offended by anything else. >> right? specially with his humor. >> the man can be smashing i, put it that way. you're right, the scene
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becoming offense to us, i think, because it is very, very steamy outside. it is another straight day of 90 agree heat that we're expecting. so we've upped the and tee, something g upper 80s, still obviously very hot, do think we'll get another degree or two in there for you here today. so going 90 officially for the high in the city. at the moment storm scan is quiet. have couple of clouds here and there, all-in-all it is clear, once the sun does come up, as it will actually in the next 15 minute, less than in fact, we will ends up with the sun all day, yet again. the problem is we do have frontal boundary crossing through. so couple scattered showers, thunderstorms are definitely on the docket for us here today. not everyone hit by this. this is classic summer like day where you end up with the pop ups. but, not everyone included there. so, just keep the air conditioner ready to goment you will still be needing t take a look at hands full of hours throughout the course of the day. by noontime already at 86 degrees. and it won't take much longer for us to hit 909, we think that will happen at the height of the afternoon around 3:00 p.m. but, coming up, this is the
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last day like this. cold front going to live up to its name. i'll let you know how much after nosedive we're about ready to take here, and when we end up with another round of wet weather. that's all coming up in the seven day later on shall meisha? >> katie, thank you for that. and very good morning, lappy friday, everyone. we are looking outside. large g gorgeous, schuylkill, taillights near the conshohocken curve see it moving in the westbound and eastbound direction, maybe starting to build levels ever so slightly but friday's tends to be one of the lighter travel days, see what happens, but right now that's what it is looking, appearing to be, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction, at wissahickon avenue. gorgeous shot there, nice open roadways, everything dry, looking good. ninety-five at cottman aim story push around the s curve moving toward center city. overall everything looking good except for this. what we are waking up to, gas main break, big one, in cherry hill. happened about 1:15 a.m. route 70 east and westbound, near cropwell road. one lane is blocked until around 6:00 a.m. so it look like we are
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starting to get some of this cleared up. now this is construction, route 70 east and westbound, near cropwell road where the gas main break is more specifically, let's get right into that. this is where it is actually closed curtis avenue. so around this gas main break, you will have to use these alternates, park boulevard, or route 38, by the way, it was just shooting out the grounds. the good news it looks like they've now capped that. so it is under control, 70 eastbound, still closed at curtis avenuement and you still have to use these alternates. more on this coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, over you. >> meisha, thank you. new morning, police in bucks count have i arrest add man who they say has fired a shotgun into another driver car. richland township police say 32 year old brandon gross owe -- grasso, he shot out rear window in quakertown, still don't know what led to the incident, arrested him last night. >> and no word yet on how a car smashed into this store in north philadelphia. chopper three, over polar deli 22nd and cram bee a street before 10:30 last night. now up close you can see how
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the car crushed part of the brick storefront. they say no one was seriously hurt. >> and something about this doesn't look right. right? new jersey transit is investigating what caused this door to stay open for at least eight stops when the train was s pulled out of service there is happened tuesday night new york city to trenton. car was filled with passengers, some standing feet from the open doors. new jersey transit says a train is not supposed to move whether a door is open. >> charged driver of deadly crash in times square that killed 18 year old woman and injured close to two dozen other. police have identified the suspect as bronx resident richard rojas, they say the 26 year old barrelled through a crowd of pedestrians, killing, alycia elkman, sending it two other to the hospital yesterday. student from saint cecelia catholic school. so in northeast philadelphia were thereon a class trip. >> i seen like this lady screaming. then i heard this car, and i got really scared, and it was
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a mess, and then we saw a car smoking. >> hit quite a few people. i just saw people flying in the air like dolls. >> rojas has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and as valvate dollars vehicular homicidement investigators say they do not believe the crash was an act of terrorism, four victims remain in critical condition. >> the time now 5:36. and in business news this morning, a come-back on wall street. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchanges, where jill it seems to be bullish again? >> good morning, jan, rahel. futures pointing to higher open today. yesterday stocks on wall street stage add come back after their worse day of the year. so yesterday, the dow closed up 56 points, and the nasdaq gained 43, investors really just brushing off concerns, that the political turmoil in the nation's capitol will delay president trump's plan to cut taxes. >> uber is getting into the trucking business. the company's launching uber freight, the app connect
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professional truck drivers with shippers looking to transport bigger loads, uber says for the drivers, it takes the stress out every finding and booking freight. >> and an artwork by john mitchell was auctioned yesterday for $110.5 million. a japanese entrepreneur bought the 1982 work after its ten minute bidding war. sotheby's in new york says this price is record, at auction for an american artist. >> and, reebok trying to cash in on new rom err with new re romper t has hood, cargo pocket, and a half opening. the male romper craze started with a kick starter campaign for romp-him. that is romper foremen. the internet, though, still divided on whether a male ones i is a good look. what do you guys think? >> i'm not divided on that at all. >> no, i'm with you, i say no. >> no thank you. the next trends, let's see. >> who thought this was a good
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idea, right? >> also, it is hard enough for women to pull off a romper. that's not a good -- that's not easy. >> not at all. but if you do it, more power to you. >> all right, jill, thank you. from the romp-her to this, what will they think of next? testing self-driving trash trucks on closed course next month. truck evens backs down street, in reverse, using lazer centers to stop at garbage cans. volvo engineers says it is more efficient way, when the trash man can stay near, it is a closed course tell, volvo says it will move the trucks to public street this fall. new orleans will take down a prominent statue of confederate army general robert e lee today. both pro and anti-confederate crowds surrounded a statue last night, police took this nan into custody after he stood in front of the monument. unclear though exactly what he was doing. the city has already brought down three confederate monument, property leads will be the fourth and the final ones. review of $10 million
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state grant for the 2016 democratic national convention could be complete by the ends every july. that's according it the state auditor general. governor tom wolf asked for the review after it was revealed that some of the $4 million of surplus from the dnc in philadelphia last summer was used to pay bonus toss staff members. the auditor general trying to determine if any of the state grant money was used to pay for the bonuses, health committee chairman, ed rendell, sayings the answer is no. >> we raise that all ourselves i raised most of it, jason o'malley, development director, he was responsible for raise that mine. he came out of with a we raised. >> now, governor wolf argues the surplus money should have been returned to pennsylvania taxpayers. >> and police in lancaster are searching for the car they think caused a school bus to crash wednesday, injuring 14 student, one, is in critical condition. officials say they're looking nor white chevrolet malibu, surveillance video shows what appears to be wreckless driving, investigators say the
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malibu was trying to pass a truck before creating a domino effect. >> we can't speculate on its minds sed, what his intentions were, we need complete picture of everything, and that includes contact with him, and his version whatever took place. >> well, investigators say the malibu again was trying to pass a truck and face the bus head-on, then tried to get back over, but hit vehicle, in front of the truck. that vehicle that hit the bus, the bus hit the truck, then flipped over. >> chris colonel helped define seattle's grunge scene, now the city is remembering his contributions. the famed space needle went dark for an hour last night to honor colonel who authority say committed suicide by hanging on thursday. the seattle mariner's also held moment of silence before last night's game. colonel fronted bands, sounds garden, audio slave. he was 52 years old. >> and we now know it was leading on the brain -- bleeding on the brain that led to rogers ailes death at the age of 77 yesterday. he had previously fallen inside of his florida home. ailes got his big break right here at kyw-tv producing the
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mike douglas show in the 60s. he resigned from fox news channel, the network he built into a ratings powerhouse last july after numerous allegations of sexual harrassment. >> up next: stood up at their own prom. why some local high school student rent upset with a very high profile artist from our area. that's next, we got to tell you. >> then we will take you to awards ceremony honoring the life and legacy of princess diana, her sons, princes william and har bring on hand. >> and hundreds of giant snails invade is a town and bringing serious problems with them. find out what takes these so dangerous when we come back. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late.
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>> grammy winning performer canceled scud all appearance tomorrow at pennsbury high senior prom. bucks county school known for going all out, including having well known artists perform at the event. school officials tell "eyewitness news" they're actively pursuing other arrangement, did reach out to quest lincoln financial field but have not heard back. >> wedding bells are ringing all eyes will be on pippa middleton as she walks down the aisle. the billing day is almost here for the little sister of the dutchess of cambridge. pippa, multi-millionaire hedge fund manager james matthews, are tying the knot tomorrow.
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neice and nephew expected to take part in the ceremony. so cute. although prince william, prince harry awarded 20 young people yesterday in honor of their mother, princess diana. the diana awards is charity set up in memory of diane a princess of whales, who died in a car crash 20 years ago. the legacy award is given to people who have made positive impact on their society. >> you know, i don't know if it is just i'm seeing it more, but i feel like we're covering them so much more. >> a lot lately. they do a lot of good. >> absolutely agree. >> a lot of big event this weekend. >> sure. >> the weather will be cooling back down. >> exactly. certainly all of the proms going on out there. >> good point. >> looks like you can get that intrinsic hairstyle without worrying about the friz factor, guys, too, let's be honest, if jim is watching, of course. >> and he knows. >> he get it. he's probably shouting at the tv, yes, i know. right? >> poor guy. we wish you were here but we love having jan, too. always a trade off, isn't?
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let's get you out there. look at the weekend, start things off with gorgeous shot. isn't that tranquil looking? now, looks can sometimes be deceiving, of course looking over the schuylkill river, we get ready for the stoat bergey regatta here today. looks all-in-all like the river is the place to be. because at least you get a little cooling action, when you're out on the water, but, it is going to be another steamy day out here, guys. although the weather thankfully will cooperate this time for this weekend's regatta. so great news for us. but it does look like there may and shower or thunderstorm that does fire up at some point later today. which we will get tonight let's start it off, though, just by checking in with i eyewitness weather watchers reporting very, very mild air yet again. low 70s, cool region here, even out toward part of the pine land area, central area marks 71 degrees. he's one of those spot out in chat worth where you tend to get cooler air in place just because it is a little more remote. a couple of clouds, little hazy that the location,
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71 degrees, also coming into us, just outside of center city where phil is reporting 71, he actually has hands full of clouds, as women, very modest breeze, still out of the southwest, and high pressure continues to be in place for us at this point. but there is cold front that's going to be crossing through, it is authorities really see it, outlined on the radar. there will be few spotty showers or thunderstorms that come because of t but what it lacks in moisture, will absolutely make up for with big pattern change. meanwhile here is a storm system that eventually heads east, bridges with it next more widespread batch of showers and storms, holds off until at the earliest, late sunday night, and specially into monday, so we do get through the weekends without any major hitches. talk about the comfort. yes, today's still pretty steamy. one of these days is clearly not like the other. by the time we hit saturday, sunday, just so much more comfortable for you. also, going to notice, very significant drop on the thermometer. while we expect to hit 90 for yet another day here with that building heat and humidity for yet another day, as well, back to the low 70s, and comfort over the course of the weaken.
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talk about timing. then we ends up on monday with the next storm we just showed you, bringing in showers, thunderstorms, behind it tuesday every other day pattern, by tuesday back to beautiful weather full sunshine, high of 76. that right now meisha looks like my personal favorite of the seven day. >> absolutely, and that weekend, man, katie, that looks gorgeous, thank you so much for that. yes, thank you. good morning, everyone, happy friday. so in the worlds of travel, looking at live mobile three, crews out there right now, we had gas main break earlier, happened earlier this morning, probably around 1:15 a.m. in cherry hill. now because that far, route 70 eastbound is closed, at curtis avenue. you can see it looks like they've capped it off. it was shooting out of the grounds. now they've capped it off. hopefully this gets cleared up as quickly as possible. zero seven east closed curtis avenue. use the alternate, park boulevard, route 38, will be your best bet. also one, westbound left lane is also blocked. so just say heads up on that, but overall, crews are out there working hard to get that cleared out of the way.
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we have some construction, nearby, that has also since been cleared. so we move on that's that. 422, headlight eastbound direction, if you jump onto 422, looking good. i mean, this is basically kind after snapshot of all of our camera shot so far. what we have been looking at. they all look really nice. friday's tends to be one of the less traveled days. see what happens as we push into the 6:00 hour. so, stotesbury regatta, closed until 7:00 p.m. saturday. alternates, schuylkill, mlk drive, ridge avenue. jan, back over to you. >> meisha, thank youment camden charities are again fitting from an unusual fundraising fashion show. the salvation army crock center hosed its second annual garbage show gala bag, professional and amateur designers alike showed off creations using recycled, unconventional materials. proceeds supports women's ministries in the camden area, very cool. one of the worlds' most dangerous exotic species has invaded peru.
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giant african snails likely traveled over the ocean and landed in peru during heavy rains and flooding. officials want to know if they had any help from humans. the snails spread parasites, bacteria to humans, and endanger echo systems. the snails have already established themselves in wild in florida. >> didn't know they were so dangerous, right? >> slow, but dangerous. >> yes. >> don't underestimate them. >> right. >> it has been another busy week in washington, after break talk with cbs news political director steve. stay with us, we'll b
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>> what impact will trump's trip have at home? >> live from washington, good morning, steve. >> good morning. >> so, the president's trip includes stops in the middle east, the vatican, and the g7 summit. but what's the president hoping to accomplish with this trip? >> the white house says they want to talk unity. he's going to go overseas, and try to sell his america first philosophy to world leaders who, frankly, are step scale, some are very nervous about that philosophy. so that's going to be a big thing on. that will he'll talk about religion. i'll go to saudi arabia, give speech on islam, remember trump's harsh rhetoric on muslims, proposed muslim ban. so those are some of the things he'll try to do while
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he's overseas. >> that said, what kind of reception do you think the president will receive? >> well, so, overseas, i would expect usual would definitely be some protest to greet him, again, he's not very popular over there. but his is interesting. because here, we will be watching very closely, as well, given all of the political turmoil he's face being back at home, opportunity for him i think to flip the script on what has been happening here, try to turn the page a little bit, and redirect the focus away from the controversy surrounding him at home. >> steve, as he does, that the president has been hinting co-choose new fb i am director as early as today. we know that there has been a lot of speculation about who could be the frontrunner. what are you hearing? >> yes, we are looking at former senator, joe lieberman, who you may remember al gore's runningmate, in the 2,000 presidential election, former democrat, then became independent, and eventually endorsed john mccain. some people are saying this is a great choice, because he is more of moderate, bipartisan
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person, but some democrats don't really like the choice of lieberman, mainly because they don't think a political person should be running the fbi. should be someone steeped in law enforcement, someone independent. could be some controversy if lieberman is pick. >> interesting. and you already mentioned the controversy trump is facing. the choice of former fbi director robert mueller to lead the independent russia probe has received bipartisan approval. the president, though, insists the investigation hurt our country terribly. how does mueller impact this investigation now? >> reporter: well, it is going to bring a lot of focus to the investigation, also i think bring a lot of it behind closed doors, i think over the next several months we will be hearing less and less about this investigation. there aren't going to be a lot of people parading in from the congress any more. this is really going to be mueller sort of plugging the leak, getting to the bottom of this investigation, and seeing where it leads. and, you know, frankly, the president said that he thinks this is a witch hunt. but as you mention, bipartisan support for mueller and the
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special council, it will be interesting to see where this all leads. i think month or maybe years away from a conclusion on this, but i think what we will see is more focus on this investigation. >> all right, steve, cbs news political director, we appreciate you being with us this morning, we know it has been busy week. pre appreciate you braining it down for us. >> stay tuned. >> thanks. >> and there will be much more discussion about this eventful week in washington coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, that's of course immediately follows "eyewitness news" this morning. >> and coming up in our next hour right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" how glass of water helps prevent obesity. >> plus the whole milk craze, why more people are choosing whole milk instead of skim. and it is bike to work day, so you know what? pat gallen trade in the his car for a bike. we check in with him coming up.
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>> new village over night, driver accused of driving down several pedestrians is charged. hear from group of local student mo were there and witnessed the tragic crash. >> and, president trump takes off today for his first foreign trip. where he's going as troubles mount here at home.
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a leak still causing truck for your morning commute. >> today is monday -- friday, may 19th. good morning. >> happy friday. jan, great to see you. >> we know it is not your friday, right? >> my wednesday. >> you're in the middle of the week. >> yes. >> outside, gas main leak, good news, congestion levels, no where to be found. looking awesome out there right now. >> that's wonderful news. i hope we didn't just jinx it, right? >> i knowment looks like the weather will cooperate. right through the rest of the morning, sun glare, definitely becoming a problem. hazy sun glare, no less. as we look at storm scan, nothing to report here locally. see the lick spendings of green, working it way into the atmosphere. definitely have the steaminess for sure. but later on today, spotty shower, thunderstorm, also on the docket. so in the low 70s at the moment. this is about where we bottom out. now that the sun has been up


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